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   Oct 14

Bread Recipe Alternatives

I am never happy just going along with someone else’s instructions, so I took a few liberties with the recipes posted earlier. Here are a few changes I made to the original recipes. First, I wanted to half the Basic Bread recipe while making the changes (so I didn’t totally blow 2 loaves if it turned […]

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   Oct 06

Unfussy Apple Cake Recipe

or What to do with all of those apples Nathan hasn’t eaten yet. This isn’t my own personal recipe.  Elizabeth sent it to me and it just looked so darn good.  I’ve included the link so you can go see the pictures and such.  I have a bowl of not-firm apples (Nate and I only like […]

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   Sep 30

Homemade Crusty White Bread

I posted a basic bread recipe earlier this month, but I thought I’d share the second one that I learned from good ol’ Betty. She says this one is crustier, but they actually turn out pretty much the same. I’m including my helpful hints at the bottom this time. You’ll have to let me know […]

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   Sep 04

Basic Bread Recipes

I have had several friends ask me for my bread recipe, so I’m finally sucking it up and getting it posted as promised. The recipes I’ve based mine on are from Betty Crocker’s Cookbook from 1972. To start with, here are a few hints about baking bread in the oven (in a loaf pan even! […]

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   Aug 08

Claire’s Awesome Baked Brussels Sprouts

2 parts Olive Oil 1 part Balsamic Vinegar about 1/2 teaspoon of honey a sprinkle of salt pepper brussels sprouts One of those baking dishes with a lid Mix everything but the sprouts together. I usually mix it in the baking dish. Chop the bottoms off the sprouts and cut them in half or quarters […]

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