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   Dec 17

Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips!

It’s cookie season! I love cookies. My favorites are oatmeal cookies, but I don’t like raisins. They’re like wasted grapes and just make me sad. I think they’re the only dried fruit I dislike, but it’s tragically hard to get oatmeal cookies without raisins. Here’s a great recipe that replaces those tragic little post-grapes with […]

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   Dec 06

Claire’s “Oh Snap” Dip

OK, so let’s say you are getting ready to go to a party for a friend and you need an appetizer. Usually I would take my fabulous hummus, but let’s say I’m gathering my ingredients and can’t find the garbanzo beans (the key ingredient). That’s when we get creative and make up (on the spot […]

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   Nov 24

Traditional Thanksgiving Drink

OK, it’s Thanksgiving and you’re reading my blog. That means that either your totally addicted to my brilliant musings or you’re not having a fabulous time with the fam. In case of reason number 2, here is a drink that is sure to make your Thanksgiving fly by (please arrange for a DD) Thanksgiving Margaritas […]

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   Nov 06

Paw Paw’s Fruitcake

This recipe comes from my grandmother’s cookbook (my dad’s mom). Well, it’s hand written in the back of the book. And by book I mean pamplet from the International Associate of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. It’s the only cookbook she had as far as I know. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. A friend recently posted […]

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   Oct 22

Awesome wheat flatbread

When Nate isn’t around, it’s kitchen experiment time. I make things like butternut squash/sweet potato/peanut butter mushy delicious (like a curry, but totally just made up) and of course need flatbread to go with it. I didn’t record the recipe as I made it, so this is going to be a bit like getting a […]

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   Oct 20

Jalapeno Dip

I found this in my email.  Might I suggest trading the cream cheese for Kefir cheese and that Mayo for some sour cream? 4 – 8oz pkg cream cheese, softened 1 – 2c pkg shredded sharp cheddar cheese 1 – 12oz jar sliced jalapenos (chopped up more)* Mayo (just enough to give proper dip consistency) […]

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   Oct 14

Bread Recipe Alternatives

I am never happy just going along with someone else’s instructions, so I took a few liberties with the recipes posted earlier. Here are a few changes I made to the original recipes. First, I wanted to half the Basic Bread recipe while making the changes (so I didn’t totally blow 2 loaves if it turned […]

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   Oct 10

Best Hummus Ever aka Claire’s Hummus

1 can of chickpeas/Garbanzo beans drained (keep the liquid in a measuring cup, we’ll use it later) 2 spoonfuls of Tahini a quarter of an onion as much garlic as you can stand (I used 4-6 cloves) Cumin (quite a bit, perhaps several tbs, I just shake it in until I’m happy and then shake […]

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   Oct 06

Unfussy Apple Cake Recipe

or What to do with all of those apples Nathan hasn’t eaten yet. This isn’t my own personal recipe.  Elizabeth sent it to me and it just looked so darn good.  I’ve included the link so you can go see the pictures and such.  I have a bowl of not-firm apples (Nate and I only like […]

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   Sep 30

Homemade Crusty White Bread

I posted a basic bread recipe earlier this month, but I thought I’d share the second one that I learned from good ol’ Betty. She says this one is crustier, but they actually turn out pretty much the same. I’m including my helpful hints at the bottom this time. You’ll have to let me know […]

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