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   Nov 09

25% off my favorite sneakers!

I love Simple shoes. They’re comfy and earth friendly and wallet friendly. And right now, their even wallet friendlier. Follow this link for 25% Off Women’s Shoes at! or follow this one for 25% Off Men’s Shoes at! Then send me pictures of your cool new shoes so I can be all jealous. […]

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   Sep 27

Are Allergies Ruining Your Fall? (or Spring or Life in General)

My mom has terrible allergies and has since childhood. Every fall and spring her eyes are itchy and her head hurts and she comes down with bronchitis and a sinus infection at least twice every winter. She can’t have any pets with fur or feathers and probably should avoid scales as well. She has food […]

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   Sep 23

Greener wedding planning

I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10 years, so I’ve seen all kinds of weddings from ginormous to small and intimate. When Nathan & I got married, we wanted something fun, simple and non-traditional. Who wants to go to work for their wedding, right! We were pretty green at the time, but not quite as […]

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   Sep 17

A special deal on Bamboo textiles, just for our fans

Have you ever touched any cloth made of bamboo? If you have, you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s the softest stuff on Earth. If you haven’t, you need to immediately go out and touch some. It’s a fabulous material, soft, beautiful and Eco friendly. I have a friend who sells beautiful […]

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   Sep 15

Plant List

Something I’m always trying to do is plant “useful” plants that help each other. For the last several years, we lost our squash plants to those damn boring bugs! I really try not to kill anything, but I go on the rampage with this little bastards. They don’t live sustainably, for one thing. They go […]

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   Aug 12

Why eating right may not be enough

I’m in D.C. right now at a conference with my mom and boy are we learning all kinds of goodies. One thing we learned that is and isn’t surprising is the state of our food. I know this may not be 100% legible, so here’s what it says: Protein down 5% Calcium down 15% Iron […]

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   Jul 30

Last year’s sprouts

Two years ago we were all good and started our seeds inside. They all died. We tried again last year with the same results. This year I just dug a trough and dumped a bunch of seeds in. It worked GREAT! I’ve been freecycling thinned sprouts ever since. But here are some shots of our […]

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